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harmony qigong healing

Harmony Qigong Healing

Harmonize your Mind, Body & Spirit.

harmony qigong healing

Offering effective Medical Qigong Treatments, transformative Guided Meditation and easy Prescriptive Qigong Exercises to Strengthen, Purify and Balance your body, mind and emotional well-being.

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Where there is light, darkness cannot exist

Through guided meditation, Qigong cultivation and becoming more aware, you can enliven & enlighten yourself & your life.

Treatments & Services

From Table Energywork to Dynamic Qigong Exercises with Guided Meditation introduced every step of the way

harmony qigong healing

Medical Qigong Treatments

Moving significant energy to effect lasting positive changes within dynamic lifestyles. Treatments can include faster Physical Injury recovery, pain reduction, increased Mental Clarity, greater physical, emotional & mental Balance, and increased stability to recover from a variety of illnesses.

harmony qigong healing

Weekly Meditation and Discussions

Dive deeply into meditations to dissolve and resolve old, non-serving mental and emotional patterns in a safe, sacred and discerning environment. Topics can include: healing of ancestral perspectives, balancing between Heaven and Earth, developing deeper self-awareness, internal strength, youthful vitality & radiance.

harmony qigong healing

Qigong Cultivation

Join in person and online qigong weekly class. Offering ancient, highly effective Qigong exercises to relax and return elasticity to joints and muscles as well as to travel to deeper states of consciousness being left with a pleasant qi-buzz after cultivating life affirming qi into your mind and body.

If you'd like to move significant energy to renew, refresh and reset your life, please book a one-on-one session or attend one of our classes. 

The Healy ~ Frequency Device

If you are familiar with biofeedback and frequency devices, you will most likely love this portable, wearable breakthrough that has pioneered quantum technology into a small, personal dynamic device that you can use at home. This incredibly powerful device can be used to improve a variety of disharmonies in the body, including (but not limited to): Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disorders, sleep disorders, memory loss, gut health, skin issues and much more. It is safe for children and has clearance from the FDA. 

What Our Clients Say

harmony qigong healing
"You have such a beautiful presence and cultivated energy. Your practice is a blessing!"

Ashley M., Leadership Coach and Culture Consultant

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