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The Healy Frequency Device

The Healy is a bio-energetic frequency device that is incredibly powerful, innovative, portable and wearable. It is the culmination of years of research, design and collaboration with quantum physicists, cellular biologists, German and Portuguese frequency researchers and healthcare professionals. 

harmony qigong healing
harmony qigong healing

Every once in a great while, there comes along a pioneering product, such as the PC, that we cannot ignore. We've found the Healy to be such a product. It has taken powerful biofeedback and pain management devices used by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Naturapaths and condensed them into one small, powerful device that can be used personally.


Founded by German physicist Marcus Schmieke in cooperation with  Nuno Nina a Portuguese researcher of cellular biology and practitioner of frequency applications, Healy technology was made to be accessible, portable and wearable healing frequency device. 

Schmieke's goal in developing the Healy was to build a bridge between modern science and the ancient wisdom of removing obstructions through increasing healthy Qi in the body. Although the Healy is not meant to replace practitioners or regular cultivation practice, it can significantly improve quality of life.


It is another powerful, convenient and highly effective tool in the journey to longevity, health and wellbeing. For some, it has also been a significant game changer in their quality of life. Please see many testimonials here.

The Healy device has received clearance by the FDA in the USA and was developed and produced in Germany, where it meets or exceeds all the necessary quality and safety regulations.

We have never encountered a more effective and accurate device for such a variety of ailments including pain relief from muscle spasms, inflammation in the body and arthritis. The Healy can also shorten recovery time from injuries and surgeries, improve trouble skin conditions, improve learning & memory, reduce chronic fatigue, promote uninterrupted sleep that is deep and restful, and much more. 

Please see a brief interview with a retired, tenured professor of Virginia Tech, Dr. Terry Chambers, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was told that he needed to obtain a walker for home use. He began using the Healy consistently and after 2 months can now go to the gym. Click here to see it. (Coming soon.)

Please note that individual results do vary. The Healy is not a panacea and is not intended to replace the professional diagnosis and treatment by medical professionals. 

Healy Editions

harmony qigong healing
harmony qigong healing
harmony qigong healing
harmony qigong healing
Healy  Technology and Science by Marcus Schmieke
Michelle-Frequencies & Wellness

Healy Technology and Science by Marcus Schmieke

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