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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for meditating or qigong classes?

There are none. Unless otherwise noted, all guided meditations are designed so that beginner, intermediate and advanced meditators can enjoy all-natural altered states of consciousness. All Qigong classes are also designed so that beginners, intermediate and seasoned practitioners can enjoy training and most likely a sweet qi buzz. Receiving Medical Qigong treatments does not require any previous experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and/or energywork, such as Reiki.

How will I feel after a Medical Qigong Session?

Ideally you will feel better, most likely more elated and enlivened. You'll feel clearer about your path ahead and the next steps in your healing process. The more you're willing to release during the session, the greater and more effective the results will be. However, incredible results are the product of detoxifying pathologies/toxins/obstructions, which will also require drinking plenty of water and slowing down for at least the rest of the day and evening to integrate the new, beneficial patterns and facilitate detox. 

Will you offer retreats?

Sometime soon we will travel and offer retreat options. Please let us know if you'd like for us to visit your city. 

How is Medical Qigong different from Reiki?

We are certified in a 1,500 year old lineage of Medical Qigong that is directly from China.  We are trained and certified by the prestigious International College of Medical Qigong. Feel free to check out their website here. By treating and supporting the five major yin organs: lungs, liver, heart, spleen and kidneys, we support the yang organs and the transformation of the entire body system. While leading and guiding the energy or qi of our patients, we apply Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and principles within a refined system of protocols and intuitive skill. As practitioners, we must maintain a schedule to cultivate our own qi to provide the highest quality work.

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